Career day inspires children to aim high at Hucknall National C of E Primary School

Hucknall National Church of England Primary School children have been exploring the world of work and discovering a vast array of inspirational professions they can set their sights on during a ‘Careers day’.

Mrs Helen Brown (Head of School) explained, “The children were so excited to share their dreams and aspirations for the future.  It was wonderful to have so much support from our community and it has given the children the aspiration to think about what they want to do in their own lives.  Amongst the visitors who spoke to our children were nurses, a surgeon, someone who works with animals, lecturers, consultants, a representative from a global software company and the emergency services.

“Some of these careers were unfamiliar to children and we are pleased that they now understand how they too could forge similar career paths one day.  It has really helped our children to think about what they have the potential to do in the future.”

In addition to the talks from visitors, children created their ‘future self’ in the form of a cookie and held a special lunch.

Pupil Valentina, age 8 said, “I have come dressed as a baker. I have always had a connection to baking and have done it since I was three years old! I like baking cakes and I have brought some into school today. My favourite thing to make is my double massive chocolate chip cookies. Also, we have had some visitors talking about their careers. We have had a dog trainer and walker and that was interesting. I think I have also seen some jobs my mum would like, and I am going to tell her about them.”

Artie age 7 came to school dressed as a doctor and said, “I am interested in the human body, and I like to help people. I think there are some good costumes today, some have come dressed as footballers and doctors and some builders. I want to be a doctor because in year 3 we have a quiet corner with a science book in it and it shows you all the parts of the body so you can learn the names and what they do.”

Amelia age 8 said, “I have come dressed as a Bellway Site Manager which is a helper manager at a building company. I am interested because that is my dad’s job and I have been to work with him and it looks very interesting. I also really like buildings. I think I will have to study a lot for my career but that’s alright because I like my school and the teachers are really nice.”

The school recently achieved a Good Ofsted result, and Helen Brown said she is proud that the school is thriving. “Careers Day is another example of how Hucknall National Primary School want the very best for our children, and the day was so successful that it is going to become an annual event.  The school is determined to give the child the motivation to live life in all its fullness, today and for the rest of their lives.”