Children at St Peter’s Cross Keys C of E Academy discuss their concerns about overfishing in the world’s oceans with Robert Jenrick MP

Children at St Peter’s Cross Keys C of E Academy in Farndon, Newark, were visited by Robert Jenrick MP after they wrote to him highlighting their concerns regarding overfishing in the world’s oceans.

During the visit, children presented their work and asked questions and on a variety of topics, also requesting information on how the current Government is reacting to the issues they care about.  Children’s presentation to Mr Jenrick centred on the need to fish sustainably, whilst acknowledging island nations where fisheries provide both work and food for their local populations.

Children explained their worries about dredging and the design of some equipment which can be damaging to sea life.

Children were also able to ask Mr Jenrick about his job, whether he had met the King and what his favourite sport was. On hearing that cricket was a favourite, children were able to tell him about St Peter’s Cross Keys Girls Cricket team winning the Newark and Sherwood District finals and earning their place in the County Finals.

Mr Jenrick confirmed that children’s questions would be listened to. “There were some very impressive young people here today and that’s very encouraging. I have listened to what children have said and we will be writing to the Secretary of State for the Environment and will send the children here at St Peter’s her reply.”