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‘Securing Excellence in Schools and Academies’

Learning the ropes in a Skipping Workshop

Children at St Peter’s Cross Keys C of E Academy in Farndon have been learning the ropes in a skipping workshop. 


Coach Dan Endicott of ‘Skipping Workshops’ delivered the classes and said, “Today we have been improving children’s speed-rope skipping, different footwork and arm work tricks, and to work as a team to improve their skipping at school beyond today. It is a skill that keeps children fit and healthy and occupied.”  


Head Teacher Elizabeth Duffell said there were benefits to be gained for children from learning the skill well. “We are really keen to get children outdoors and enjoying that good quality daylight every day. Skipping is something they already enjoy and so in terms of developing their skills, finding a skipping workshop to support the children seemed an ideal way to inspire them.

“I think the workshops have been fantastic; just looking at the children's smiling faces now I can see how engaged they are. Children who previously lacked confidence skipping are really enjoying themselves and feeling that sense of purpose and real satisfaction.”


Mrs Anne Cummings, Year 2 Class Teacher agreed, “I love that skipping promotes children's coordination. They are working in teams and learning together and getting the ropes to work in pairs. It is good for children to get their heart rate up and they feel a sense of achievement and are having fun too, -either alone or together. Skipping really helps the children with their resilience because when it doesn't work, they have to stop and start again. This is reflected in the classroom, and one we can use as an example to remind children,  that learning is just like skipping, if you don't get it quite right the first time, just restart and try again.

“All of the children are achieving in the workshop, some couldn't skip at all before today and now have a new skill, others are improving their techniques, they can all see themselves getting better and there has been a great deal of support between pupils to improve each other’s techniques too.”