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‘Securing Excellence in Schools and Academies’

The King’s C of E Primary Academy holds its official renaming day!

The school formerly known as William Gladstone C of E Primary Academy held a celebration day to mark the change of its name to The King’s C of E Primary Academy.

During the celebration, children took part in a virtual meeting with staff, Governors and members of the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham Multi Academy Trust.

Head Teacher Sarah Clarke said the day felt momentous for many reasons “The ceremony marks the start of a brand-new chapter in the exciting story of our academy. We have come so far in such a short space of time and every day I see our Christian values of Kindness, Friendship and Faith being lived out in the school community.”

During the ceremony children gave readings, performed The King’s Rap and heard from Nigel Frith (Diocesan Director Education) and Chris Moodie, the CEO of the Diocese Southwell and Nottingham Multi Academy Trust, amongst other guests.

After the event children were given mementos of the day recognising the new school name and logo, and also received a scroll containing a pledge from the school.

Sarah explained. “We have pledged to give children the best education and opportunities possible. Our pledges include a wide variety of things that we want to provide and share with children, to make their time here a joyous and memorable part of their lives.” The pledge includes many planned experiences for children including building a den in a forest and walking up a stream, to helping a wild animal, seeing a play and exploring a cave, - to mention a few of the list of 64 exciting opportunities.

Pupil Hadleigh Spindley (age 9) was pleased to receive the scroll, and especially the mug with the school logo on as he is a tea drinker! He said, “I like our school’s new name because it is named after Jesus and we are a Church of England school. It means something more than our old name and we all like the new logo too.”