Queen’s Memorial at Hucknall National C of E Primary School

Children created ‘award’ certificates for the Queen and there is a memorial for families to tie a red, white and blue ribbon in memory of the Queen.

Quote from Headteacher, Sarah Barratt: “We wanted our pupils and families to be able to celebrate the Queen’s life and to create a memorial in gratitude for the service and dedication Her Majesty has given to our country. The children have written reward certificates for the Queen to say thank you and every child has tied a red, white and blue ribbon to the memorial in commemoration of her life. In school we also held a tea party in honour of the Queen where every student was given a cake and juice and shared their memories of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The memorial will remain in place for all of our families to come and tie a ribbon and as a place to share their thoughts and prayers in memory of our beloved Queen.”

Pupil Mia said,  “It was nice to think about the Queen and remember how beautiful she was on the outside and on the inside.”

Pupil Henry of year 5 said: “I feel very sad about the Queen’s death, so it is nice to have somewhere to come and think about her life.”

Zac (Year 1) and Alex (Year 5) came to visit the memorial with their mum after school and tied on a red, white and blue ribbon.

Alex said: “It is a sad time for everyone, but we have tried to carry on and be happy in school and we have said thank you for everything that Queen has done for us.”