Students at West Grantham C of E Secondary Academy get hands-on tuition and qualifications with support from Lincolnshire engineering experts

Local companies support engineers of the future to forge a career path with apprenticeship style course and qualifications, in a unique opportunity at West Grantham C of E Secondary Academy.

West Grantham C of E Secondary Academy’s (WGSA), year 10 engineering students are taking part in a unique training course which combines school-based theory work, with practical instruction taking place at two Grantham engineering firms, all leading to industry recognised qualifications.

Sophie Slack is Lead Teacher of Engineering at West Grantham C of E Secondary Academy, and she said the course is proving a success with students. “I am so pleased with how the students are taking to the new engineering course which is equivalent to taking a GCSE. They love the practical work and look forward to going to the engineering companies each week, gaining experience in their academic field, and adding enormous value to their skills and opportunities. It’s great to see how much they have progressed since they started the course in September and how much pride they take in their work.”

Sophie says that students study theory classes within the academy setting, coupled with practical sessions at two Grantham based engineering firms: Iconic Engineering Solutions, and Pentangle Engineering Services Ltd.

This term, students have already made their own trammel, which is used for scribing arcs when marking out.

Sophie said that the two Grantham based engineering companies supporting students have been invaluable partners to the course. “We are so grateful for the work by Iconic Engineering Solutions, who specialise in motorsport and industrial engineering, and to Pentangle Engineering Services Ltd, who specialise in the production of robot systems. Their work is creating a real buzz at the academy, and we are seeing more and more students showing an interest in the course.”

Jamie Clare is Managing Director of Iconic Engineering Solutions and has welcomed the opportunity to work with students. “Working with West Grantham has enabled us to fulfil several of our goals as a company this year. We have been able to engage with a school directly and help forge a qualification that is new to them with our direct industry knowledge. We have also been able to interact with students at a much earlier time in their school pathway which has helped a few of them decide whether engineering is for them… happily I think most of them are loving it!”

Nigel Rivers is Managing Director of Pentangle Engineering Services Ltd, who also partner on the course. Nigel said, “The ‘skills gap’ has been a growing concern over the last few years and engineering in general is suffering for it. We wholeheartedly support this great initiative in working closely with the West Grantham Secondary Academy, sharing our knowledge and experience, with the aim of showing the students how interesting and rewarding engineering actually is.”

Students at West Grantham C of E Secondary Academy can choose the course as an option in Year 9 to take at key Stage 4.