They did it! West Grantham C of E Primary Academy are GOOD in all areas says Ofsted!

The inspection, which took place in October says that the school ‘serves its community well’ and has ‘high expectations of all pupils.’


Inspectors said, “There is a determination that pupils’ eyes are opened to the joy of learning. There is a passion for pupils to succeed. Pupils are well prepared for their next stage in education. They are polite, well-mannered and respectful. Pupils say that they love their school. Many ‘want to come to school at weekends as well!’”


Natalie Smyth is headteacher at the school which is a member of the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham Multi Academy Trust (SNMAT). She said, “The inspectors said in the report that The community now has a school to be proud of.’  This fantastic achievement can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of our staff, pupils, governors, the SNMAT trust and our wider school community. I am incredibly proud.

“I’d especially like to thank Anna Martin (Executive Principal), who has supported our school throughout what has been a transformative period. We are about to embark on an exciting new era at the school; from January 2024, the whole school will come together on one site at Trent Road for the first time in our history.  What an exciting time it is to be a part of this fantastic school’s journey, -well done everyone!”

Inspectors recognised that children feel safe at the school and have many people to turn to if they have any worries or concerns. The school’s curriculum is described as ‘ambitious’ saying, ‘The sequence of learning starts in the early years. It skilfully builds to clear end points. Key knowledge is identified and revisited. Important key vocabulary is taught. There are planned opportunities to enrich pupils’ knowledge. They go on trips and learn from visitors. Pupils remember their learning. In Year 3, for example, pupils recognise that words such as, ‘crash’ and ‘crackling’ are onomatopoeic.’


Staff are noted for embracing professional development opportunities and the quality of teaching, where they prioritise reading.  “Their subject knowledge is strong,” said the report. “The reading curriculum is well planned and sequenced. It is taught consistently well. Pupils read books that match the sounds that they are learning. They read frequently. The love of reading is well promoted. Books are everywhere! Pupils are introduced to books of different genres. They meet authors. Pupils appreciate the rewards they receive for reading. They say that ‘reading is fun’.”


Governors are described as being committed to the school with the report saying, “They have championed the school. They have made sure that the community voice is heard. The community now has a school to be proud of.” The school’s multi-academy trust is likewise praised by the report which said, “Support from the trust has had a significant impact. Staff appreciate the stability that the trust has brought to the school. They feel valued and more confident as practitioners.”


Headteacher Natalie said the school will continue to strive for improvement and growth. “The children in our community deserve the very best opportunities and education. We will take a moment to celebrate the result but then it’s back to work making this school the best it can be for our fantastic children.”


The praise the report holds for the character of West Grantham C of E Primary Academy children is perhaps summed up when inspectors comment on the “well-planned and sequenced personal, social and health education curriculum.”

It says, “This curriculum is complemented by, and reinforced through, collective worship. Pupils have a strong understanding of consent. They demonstrate respect, tolerance and an understanding of diversity. Pupils spoke about ‘doing the right thing, even when no one is watching’.