Two Heads are better than one at Haggonfields Primary School!

Haggonfields Primary School in Rhodesia, Worksop, has an unusual claim to fame, -it now has two Headteachers!

Both Jane Godley and Elaine Grierson have become joint Headteachers at the school based on Marjorie Street and say that two heads are definitely better than one!

Jane Godley explained that there are days when each headteacher works alone in the role, and half a day per week when they share the office and work collaboratively.  “There are lots of advantages, like sharing the workload and being able to bounce ideas off each other. Seeking advice and opinions from each other is a fantastic way to ensure we are making good decisions for the future of the school. Although on paper we may be part-time head teachers, every day is busy and there is plenty of work to be done!  We have some shared responsibilities, and each take the lead on specific areas.”

Elaine Grierson has worked in education since 1991 and said she is enjoying the shared role with Jane.  “We do work as head on separate days though our vision is united; for every pupil to ‘Believe, Aspire, Excel’. Our office is a shared space and much to everyone’s amusement it is clear to see whose desk is whose; one is much neater and ordered than the other!

“Pupils passing often pop their head through the door to check who is in that day.  It is such an exciting time to be at Haggonfields Primary School and so many positive changes have taken place for us in the last year. The school environment has been vastly improved with extensive redecoration, we also have a new Early Years building, a new school roof and fences outside, we have a wonderful bespoke art room, teaching kitchen and science room too! These facilities are used by all pupils are designed to make the most of every learning opportunity.”

Jane says she came to teaching in 2010, “I have previously worked in management roles, and I once went on tour with Steps! I came to teaching in 2010 when my three children were young. It was a challenge balancing work and Mum duties, but I knew that teaching was right for me. The chance to spend every day with children is an absolute joy and no two days are the same. I have since taught in most year groups and have led various subjects. The opportunity to lead at Haggonfields, to make positive change and enable the children to have a positive start to their education, is just fantastic!”

Both Jane and Elaine say they share a vision for the school and are delighted to support each other in their new roles. Elaine said, “The children have taken all of this news in their stride of course, and both Jane and I are delighted to be supporting the fantastic staff at Haggonfields create a school the whole community can be proud of, and one which cares for and supports our children to flourish”.

When asked if there was any shortage of elbow room in a school with two headteachers Jane said, “No, we get along fantastically well and appreciate each other’s assistance. There’s ample space for two!  Though it’s probably a good thing that we don’t have a head teachers parking space to share, – I would stand no chance because Mrs Grierson always arrives so early!”