Welcome to SNMAT. We are a Multi Academy Trust centred around the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. The Trust was established to provide support for Church of England Schools, and our Christian values underpin all that we do.

The Trust’s core purpose is very straightforward; we are a vehicle for improvement that locates the best interests of the young people that we serve at the centre of all of our work. This means that we work collaboratively whenever we can. Critically, we intentionally avoid adopting corporate behaviours. Practically, this means:

– Partner academies retain their own unique character as they serve their communities.
– We know that stability is key to delivering high quality education, and – as such – we don’t move staff around to different partner academies. All of our colleagues can be confident of their workplace and position within the broader family.
– We don’t impose pedagogical policy. In recognising that all partner academies are different, we believe that the curriculum should reflect these differences. We constantly work together, when the opportunities arise (and they are frequent), but there is no requirement to adopt Trust policies.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently. Please browse this website to find out how we work – you may be surprised.

Chris Moodie
Chief Executive Officer

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