SNMAT isn’t like other MATs.

You may not have heard much about us. We aren’t corporate so you won’t find any logos or uniforms bearing our name. You won’t see our names or pictures in partner academies. One of our key goals is to be the Trust of choice where all within our community thrive.

We know that one of the most rewarding parts of working in education is shaping key policies to match the needs of the communities that we serve.  One-size doesn’t fit all, and our partner academies are a very diverse bunch.  We know that they enjoy working together but that they also enjoy the freedom within SNMAT to create pedagogical policies that are matched to their needs.  SNMAT do not impose curriculum plans, teaching and learning policies or behaviour approaches on their partner academies – to do so would be to crush the creativity of our colleagues.

Words are cheap.  To make sure that we follow through with these pledges we have created a constitution that enshrines our intentions.  These are not temporary approaches. They are what makes us different.