Work With Us

Joining a Trust sometimes means that teaching staff will be required to move around when an academy needs more help.  SNMAT don’t do this.  We know that work-based security is important, and that in order to work effectively, teachers and support staff need to know where they are going to be next week, next month and – in most cases – next year unless they have their own plans to move.  Stability and security are key if we are to value our most precious asset (the people who work in partner academies).

Working with SNMAT is much more than just getting a job.

The team that you will join exists well beyond the boundaries of the academy that you will work at.  We want to make your time at work both worthwhile and enjoyable; being a teacher can be the best job in the world if the conditions are right (it can also be one of the hardest when things aren’t right).

As such, we put our energies into making teaching as good as it can be.  We also know that people are different – you will have a unique set of strengths and ambitions – and we will be keen to offer you a flightpath towards the career that you are seeking.  For some, this may mean leadership, whilst others may wish to specialise in a specific area of interest (SEN, for example).

We do this because we want to achieve our ultimate shared aim of making things better for the young people that we serve.