Status Quo drummer, Jeff Rich, helps Linby cum Papplewick C of E children find their inner rock star in drumming masterclass!

Linby cum Papplewick Church of England Primary School welcomed rock royalty into school for a drumming workshop with Status Quo star, Jeff Rich.

In order to make Jeff feel at home, children and staff dressed up as rock stars to join the drumming masterclass.

Pupil George Hanson age 10 said, “I am very excited about today. I have come to school dressed as a rock star, and everyone else has too, including teachers!

“The drummer from Status Quo is spending time with us to show us how to use drums and I think that’s really good. I know some of Status Quo’s songs, especially the famous ones.”

George says he already plays piano and electric guitar and that his dream job is to be a forensic scientist. “I think everyone should have a go at drumming because it is easy to get started. I think the teachers look good dressed as rock starts too. It has been so exciting today and a bit noisy!”

Jeff Rich says he enjoys playing music with children, introducing many over the years to their first experience of playing an instrument. “This workshop is about inspiration for the kids and the message that if you work hard, you can achieve anything. Simple as that!”

Jeff started the workshop by talking to children about the long history and evolution of drums. “I have examples here of African drums, various military drums and many more and the workshop is very interactive with the children. We have percussion instruments for everyone to play and hope to promote a love and appreciation of music for everyone.

“I get a real enjoyment watching children enjoy the music and inspiring them as well. I was nine years old when I developed my interest in music. Coming from quite a deprived background I had to buy my own drum kit as my parents couldn’t afford one. I tell the children about that, and show that if you work hard, you can achieve anything. The younger children are when they get interested in playing an instrument the better, they have fewer inhibitions, they just want to play!” said Jeff.

Freddie Stevenson age 9 was able to play drums with the Status Quo star and said, “I played the drums with Jeff and had to squeeze the ropes on the side to play different notes. It was good playing music with a real-life rock star!”