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‘Securing Excellence in Schools and Academies’

Governance Operational Support

Governance Forum


Representatives from the governing body in each of our partner academies meet on a termly basis as part of a MAT wide Governance Forum, where ideas and best practice are shared.


As a result of consultation through the Forum, the Re-thinking Governance Project changed how academies approach governance, ultimately making SNMAT governance collectively stronger.  One outcome from this project is that partner academies now follow the same termly governance meeting cycle and planner.  


Accountability Panels:
  • Hold leaders at all levels to account
  • Monitor progress against improvement priorities
  • Make recommendations to Full Governor meetings


GKIT - Governor Keep in Touch meetings:

  • a member of SNMAT's school improvement team meets with governors in each academy to make recommendations for routes of enquiry/accountability for future governance meetings.


Accountability Panel 1 Accountability Panel 2 GKIT Full Governing Body Meeting
Autumn 02/09/20 - 23/09/20 24/09/20 - 16/10/20 02/11/20 - 13/11/20 16/11/20 - 18/12/20
Spring 04/01/21 - 22/01/21 25/01/21 - 12/02/21 22/02/21 - 05/03/21 08/03/21 - 01/04/21
Summer 19/04/21 - 07/05/21 10/05/21 - 28/05/21 07/06/21 - 18/06/21 21/06/21 - 28/07/21
Governance Forums

04/11/21 9.30am

25/03/21 4.30pm

09/07/21 9.30am

The SNMAT Governance Termly Planner, Operational Handbook and Operational Guidance support academies with queries relating to process and procedure.